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European Roulette Mobile

Red or black. Odd or Even. Bet the street or go for the high risk single… It’s all there on the awesome European Roulette Mobile.

European Roulette Mobile


  • Classic game of European Roulette with standard betting options
  • Stake between £1 and £50 on a single bet
  • Stakes vary for different outcomes
  • Single green zero gives the game it’s house edge
  • Simple grid allows you to instantly place bets on your chosen outcomes
  • Rebet function available for fast and continuous play
  • Screen switches to top down view for your spins
  • Return to player rated at 97.30%


The returns and maximum bet sizes on offer from European Roulette Mobile are as follows:

Bet Type Payout Max Stake
0 35:1 1
Any number 35:1 1
Split 17:1 2
Basket 11:1 3
Street 11:1 3
Corner 8:1 4
Top line 8:1 4
Six line 5:1 6
Column 2:1 20
Dozen 2:1 20
Odd or Even 1:1 50
Red or Black 1:1 50
High or Low Numbers 1:1 50

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