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Treasure 7x7

Treasure 7x7 is bursting at the coffers with prizes and with 16 ways of winning, there’ll be no walkin’ the plank!

Treasure 7x7


Avast ye! Pick 7 symbols and complete lines on the board to win the booty! Any line in any direction is a winner, so get ready to sail the 7x7 seas!

  • Pick 7 tiles from the 12 face down tiles.
  • Pressing the ‘Auto’ button will randomly select any of your remaining picks.
  • After picking a tile a symbol is revealed. All matching symbols on the 7x7 grid will then highlight.

A win is achieved by:

  • Highlighting all the symbols on a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on the 7x7 grid. You win the prize shown for that line.
  • The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 89.90%.