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Lucky Keno

Feeling like fortune might be smiling on you? Time to play the awesome Lucky Keno

Lucky Keno


  • Classic video presentation of 80 ball Keno
  • Pick 10 numbers at the start of every single game – get lucky
  • Players given 20 chances to match the balls
  • The greater the number of matches – the higher the prizes
  • After all the balls have been picked, 3 magic balls are drawn
  • Match all 3 magic balls to advance to the wheel of fortune bonus game
  • Win up to 100x your stake on a single spin of the wheel of fortune
  • Return to player rated at 80.00%


Lucky Keno uses the classic National Lottery style game where you pick 10 numbers and then you’re rewarded for the number of matches you hit with the game balls.

In this version of the game, 20 balls are drawn giving you a huge chance to hit some truly great prizes. And the more numbers you hit, the bigger the pay-out. It’s that simple. Fast paced action and a whole lot of fun to boot.

But there’s one more twist on the classic formula. After all the numbers are drawn, 3 more magic lucky numbers are pulled out of the bag. Match all three of these and you’ll get to play on the multiplier wheel where you could land a prize equal to 100x your stake.