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01 May 2017

The Swedish Lottery Offers Great Odds of Winning a Jackpot

How to Bet on the Swedish Lotto from the UK

Although the Swedish Lotto may not be the first international lottery that British people think of betting on, maybe that would change if they realised what great value is on offer from this Scandinavian lottery. You have a much better chance of picking the correct numbers of the Swedish Lottery than those jackpots from the Irish Lotto or EuroMillions (for example) and the cost of a bet starts at just 50p.

How to Bet on the Swedish Lotto from the UK

There have been national lotteries in Sweden since the end of the nineteenth century, with the Swedish Lotto of today the latest incarnation of the lottery to be operated in Sweden. There have been a number of changes in the mean-time but from 1980 the Swedish Lotto has been run by a government licensed company called Svenska Spel. The format of the lotto has not changed since 1980 and it remains hugely popular in Sweden to this day.

How Does It Work?

The Swedish Lotto has two parts, Lotto 1 and Lotto 2. The basic game is called Lotto 1 and it costs just 50 pence to bet on one line, which involves selecting 7 numbers from 1 to 35. Less numbers to choose from equals better odds, which is why the Swedish Lotto is one of the best value lotteries out there! Lotto 2 is basically a second draw and you will pay an extra 50p for your numbers to place a bet on both draws, which is the default setting for the Swedish Lotto. If you only want to bet on the Lotto 1 draw then change the ‘Select Draws’ setting.

Extra “Dream Win” Jackpot Game

Along with the main draw, the Swedish Lotto also offers an extra jackpot game called Drömvinsten, or ‘Dream Win’. To bet on the outcome of this game you need to choose 7 numbers between 0-9 and if you match all seven you will win an amount equal to Sweden’s highest jackpot.  There are also prizes for matching 6, 5, 4, 3 or even 2 of the 7 numbers in the ‘Dream Win’ jackpot as long as they are in the right sequence. So, if the number you bet on was 1234321 and the winning number was 1822121 you have matched the three numbers 1, 2, and the final 1 (1822121). With Lottoland you have the option to bet £1, £2 or £3 on the extra game with the higher bet amounts doubling or tripling the amount you could win.

Swedish Lotto Jackpot Odds

The Swedish Lotto offers some of the best odds available on any lottery game in the world, which is why more people in the UK should be paying attention to this Scandinavian secret!  Most Brits prefer to bet on the Irish Lotto (with odds of winning the jackpot of almost 11 million to 1) or EuroMillions (jackpot odds 140 million to 1). However, the Swedish Lotto offers odds of just 6,724,520 to 1 to win the base jackpot (without the ‘Drömvinsten‘), which is a far better deal than most national lotteries can offer.

The combination of low stakes plus great jackpot odds explains why the Swedish Lotto is growing in popularity around the world!

Betting on the Swedish Lotto with Lottoland

At Lottoland we make it easy for you to take advantage of the great value on offer from Sweden’s national lottery. You can pick your favourite 7 numbers or else choose the Quick +1 option to randomly select your digits for just £0.50, or for £1 you can bet on both Lotto 1 & 2. You also have the option to use our NumberShield function for an extra 50p, and then if your bet wins the jackpot you won’t have to share your winnings with anybody else. And of course, don’t forget that you can bet on the Dream Win extra game from £1 as well to be in the hunt for the major jackpot prize. Finally, if you’re feeling lucky then why not double down to bet on twice the jackpot amount with our special Double Jackpot feature.

Check out the Swedish Lotto today to take advantage of this low cost Super-Scandi jackpot game!