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18 November 2016

What Are The Best Free Alternatives To Premium Apps?

Paid vs. Free apps

A higher price doesn't always mean better value or even a better product. Here are some popular paid apps and their free to download competitors which provide similar and sometimes better service.  

Paid vs. Free apps

Paying a premium doesn't always guarantee that what you get will be better. At Lottoland a bet on EuroMillions will only cost you £2.00 whereas buying a ticket from the National Lottery will cost £2.50. What's more, at Lottoland our lowest EuroMillions jackpot is £50m with a £100m jackpot at the end of the month, compared to the National Lottery where the minimum EuroMillions jackpot is £15m each time the pot is hit. The same can be said for apps for your smart phone. With thousands of low quality free apps to choose from it can be tempting to use the paid app you at least has a good chance of performing the task it is designed for. However with a little bit of research you can often find free apps which have virtually the same or sometimes even better functionality. Today we've done the work for you - here's some great premium apps as well as some terrific free alternatives to them.

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Paid vs. Free apps