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20 July 2015

From The Slightly Strange To The Downright Unbelievable

Strange Superstitions From Around The World

With schools across the country breaking up for summer, there will be plenty of people across the nation hoping for a fantastic family holiday.  While a good destination, good company and good weather are all important, if you want a really special holiday you’ll also need some good luck! To give you the best chance of a lucky holiday, we’ve taken a look at the different superstitions believed in countries across the world – so you’ll know not to put your bread upside down in France or add sugar to your coffee in Brazil!

We’ve also done a little digging to uncover the stories behind some of the most common superstitions that seem to exist across cultures – so you’ll know just why we knock on wood to avoid tempting fate or make a wish when we see a shooting star. Check out the infographic below to see the full list of strange and wonderful superstitions.

Strange Superstitions From Around The World