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26 January 2016

A Fair Dinkum Lotto Betting Comparison

Which Australian Lottery Has The Best Odds?

Last year we launched a series of new lottery products – the Oz Lotto range. These are based on Australia's most popular lotteries, but the games are scarcely known in this hemisphere. Which is a shame because they offer some amazing odds, fascinating features and, of course, huge jackpots. So, since today's Australia Day, we thought it would be the ideal opportunity to revisit these great lotteries, which you can bet on right here at Lottoland! 

Which Australian Lottery Has The Best Odds?

We may have mentioned this before, but the Aussies love lotteries. We certainly mentioned it a couple of weeks back when we launched in Australia at the height of PowerBall fever. The result? An unprecedented number of signups. So much, in fact, that our servers struggled to cope.  

Today our cousins down under are celebrating their national holiday, Australia Day, so we thought it's as good a chance as any to remind you all about our exciting range of Australian lottery products. 

Australia's Top Lotteries

To an outsider Australian lotteries can be confusing since there's no single national lottery provider as in other countries. This leads to a confusing situation where some lotteries are run in multiple states, but by different operators and, in many cases, under different names.

Of course to your average Aussie these different names don't matter, as the lotteries are as instantly recognisable as a sunburnt Pommie on Bondi.

You've got the Monday Lotto, the Wednesday Lotto and the Saturday Lotto. Then you have the brand lotteries, Oz Lotto and Powerball.

The Monday and Wednesday Lotto games are combined as one here at Lottoland, as they're essentially the same game. The Saturday Lotto is pretty much the same game too, in terms of rules it's identical, but the prizes are larger.

The Monday/Wednesday and Saturday Lotto games are all 6/45 games. So if you're familiar with the old-style Irish Lotto this should be familiar territory.

In addition to a six regular numbers the Mon/Wed and Saturday Lotto also features a supplementary number similar to the Irish Lotto's Bonus Ball. This is used to determine prizes in tiers two, five and six. The lottery has six prize tiers in total.

To hit the jackpot you must match all six regular numbers. The odds of doing so are 8,145,060:1 – identical to that of the old 6/45 Irish Lotto, as well as another rising star at Lottoland, the Austrian Lotto.

These odds are also the best odds of any Australian Lotto game. So, although the jackpot odds of both the Mon/Wed Lotto and the Saturday Lotto are identical, because the Saturday Lotto offers bigger jackpots, we rank the Saturday Lotto as having the best odds of any Australian lottery.

Australia's Biggest Jackpots

The Oz Lotto was launched in 1994. Originally it was pretty much the same as the Mon/Wed and Saturday games until 2005, when another number was added making it a 7/45 game.

This obviously increased the odds enormously, but then so, too, did the jackpots. The odds of getting all seven numbers correct are 45,379,620:1, about the same as the UK Lotto, and the current jackpot is $111 million AUD, or approximately £54 million. This is slightly less than the UK's £66 million record but the Oz Lotto gives you seven prize tiers compared to the UK Lotto's six, so you've more ways to win. 

Australia's Best All-Rounder

There's one last lottery we can't forget to mention. Australia's Powerball might not have the same sort of jackpot firepower as its American cousin (the record-breaking lottery which inspired the Aussie version) but it's still a solid lottery in its own right.

In jackpot terms it takes second place on the Australian lottery leaderboard, just behind Oz Lotto. The odds of hitting the jackpot are 76,767,600:1, though it's the additional prize tiers you'll want to pay really close attention to - 4,040,400:1 for the second tier and just 376,312:1 for tier three! Australian Powerball also has the most ways to win of any of our Australian lotteries, with eight prize tiers in total!

Steal The Down-Under Thunder

So, four different games, five days to bet. The Monday and Wednesday Lotto, the Oz Lotto on Tuesday, Powerball on Thursday then, kicking off the weekend, there's the Saturday Lotto. At Lottoland we wanted to bring you a new lottery to bet on every day – and Australian lottos alone have five out of seven days covered!

But the best way to celebrate Australia day is with our biggest Australian jackpot this week, a £12 million jackpot on the Oz Lotto!