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13 January 2016

First £1 Billion Jackpot In History On Thursday 14th

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? How 1999! Chris Tarrant has moved on, now he's asking "Who wants to be a BILLIONAIRE?!" This week's American Powerball jackpot has been making headlines worldwide for being the first lottery jackpot in history to be worth more than $1 billion US. Well guess what, there are SOOOO many people playing now that the lottery jackpot has gotten EVEN BIGGER making it the first ever jackpot to be worth £1 billion! 

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

"A million dollars isn't cool, you know what's cool?... A billion dollars!" - so says the character of Sean Parker in the 2010 movie The Social Network. 

And you know what's even cooler still? A BILLION POUNDS! 

That's how much tomorrow's PowerBall jackpot is worth (though who knows, demand is such it might grow even higher by then!) 

Ridiculously Rich

Americans - they do love their extremes don't they? A billion pounds is a ridiculous amount of money, and the only way you could ever spend it all in your lifetime is to spend it ridiculously. Here's our top five ways. 

#5 The Drive In Wardrobe

"Hmm.... today I think I'll take the Bugatti..." - drive a different car every day of the week, and not just any car, proper sportscars. You'd be just like Jeremy Clarkson, except less obnoxious, and you'll never ever want for a steak again in your life. 

#4 Diamond-Studded Everything

One thing about those oil shieks, they sure do love their bling. So why not opt for some Dubai-style opulence. Instead of having lots and lots of cars, why not just get a small amount and bling them out with diamonds and gold trim. Any why stop there? Why not do the same thing to your house, and everything in it right down to your toaster!

#3 The Fun Real Estate Portfolio 

Lots of billionaires have vast real estate portfolios, but property can be boring, so why not spice things up a bit. Fancy owning a football club? Easy. Fancy owning your own theme park? Why the hell not! How about the Playboy Mansions? That's for sale now for a mere $200 million on condition that Heff gets to live there 'till he dies. Well, fair enough, how cool would it be to have Hugh Heffner as your flatmate? Fun parties for sure!

#2 The Final Frontier

Ever since I was a young boy I've always dreamt of going into outer space. A £1 billion lottery win could help me do that easily. With that sort of money I could easily hitch a ride with the Russians or wait pre-book my flight on Virgin Galactic. But, to be honest, with a billion pounds I could probably start my own space company and maybe even manage to fly to the moon!

#1 The Drinks Are On Me

But why be selfish? Why not share your good fortune, and by everyone I mean everyone. How cool would it be to be the person who bought the entire nation a pint. You would officially go down in history as the coolest person ever born. And you could do it too. Taking the population at just over 64.1 million, assuming everyone in Britain drinks (which obviously they don't) and even taking London city prices, you could easily get three or four rounds in and still have millions left over – anyone fancy a curry? 

Lottoland Causes Thunder Down Under

If you're finding our site a little slow today don't blame us - blame the Aussies! 

We're proud to announce that Lottoland has just launched in Australia, just in time for the record PowerBall jackpot, and the demand has been intense, to say the least. 

So many people are signing up to play that our servers are getting a bit of a battering. So if you have any issues today this could well be the reason why. 

How To Win A Billion Pounds

For your chance to bet and win big just go to our Powerball page, pick your numbers on your betslip then click Submit to go to the checkout. It only takes a few seconds to make the sort of money that Alan Sugar spent a lifetime hustling for. Of course there's some very big odds to beat, so good luck!


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