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Mega 2017 - Help & FAQ

Mega 2017 - Exclusive New Year’s Eve Jackpot

The Mega 2017 New Year’s Eve Jackpot is a Lottoland exclusive event featuring an incredible £100m jackpot. The draw takes places on December 31st, giving you the chance to welcome in the New Year as a multi-millionaire.

How does betting on the Mega 2017 work?

You are betting on the outcome of the Mega Da Virada draw, which takes place in Sao Paolo Brazil on December 31st at around 8pm (10pm GMT).
We have our own prize tier and payout structure which includes an exclusive £100m jackpot.
Please see ‘Can you explain the different prize tiers available?’ for full details, including a table, on each prize tier we offer and the estimated payouts for each prize tier.

How do I choose a line and place a bet?

Pick six numbers ranging from 01 – 60, or select Quick+1 to choose a line at random. After this click submit to place your bet. You will then be taken through to a shopping cart where you can complete your purchase.

How do I win the Jackpot?

If your six numbers match the six numbers drawn in the Mega Da Virada draw on December 31st you will win our jackpot.

How much does it cost?

A single line costs £5.

How much can I win?

The top prize for Mega 2017 is £100m.

When does the draw take place?

The draw takes place at around 10pm (GMT).

Can you explain the different prize tiers available?

The table below explains the different prize tiers, odds of winning each prize tier and the estimated individual returns for each prize tier for Mega 2017.
*The information below is provided as a guide only.

Prize tierOdds of winningAverage individual prize (estimated)
Match 6 numbers1 in 50,063,860£100m
Match 5 numbers1 in 154,518£10,583
Match 4 numbers1 in 2,332£199

What do I do if I win?

If your account has been verified simply proceed to your account and withdraw your winnings. If your account has not been verified you will first need to provide proof of your ID and proof of address. Once this has been confirmed you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

How can I be sure I will get paid?

We are audited by KPMG and fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. In order for us to retain this license we have to prove that we are able to make the required payments to our players should they win.
Smaller Payments
We make all payouts directly from the fund we have acquired from total ticket sales.
Larger Payments
We take out policies with world leading insurers to cover larger payments.

Why should I bet on Mega 2017 at Lottoland?

This one-off Lottoland exclusive event gives you the chance to start 2017 £100m richer. Add some extra excitement to your New Year’s Eve celebrations by taking part and see if you can hit the jackpot. The odds of hitting the top prize are TWICE as good as those available on the EuroMillions and there’s lucrative cash rewards for hitting the second and third tiers as well.