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Bet on Australian Powerball Online

About Oz Powerball

Thursday Lotto Australia

With the Oz PowerBall Lotto, you’re betting on Australia’s Powerball for the chance to win all the same prizes, including the jackpot. Featuring jackpots that start at a mammoth AUD $3m (approx £1.7m) and rise to over AUD $50m (approx £29m) it’s an exciting lottery!

Draws are held each Thursday at 10:30am.

Oz PowerBall Lotto & Double Jackpot Feature

Australia's Powerball offers some of Australia’s biggest jackpots plus some favourable overall odds. With more prize divisions than any other Australian lotto – eight in total. Finally, because of the way the game is structured, the likelihood of shared jackpots is also considerably lower.

If you feel like the current jackpot isn't big enough - just enable Lottoland®'s special Double Jackpot feature at the top of the bet slip to bet for double the official Australian Powerball jackpot.

How to Bet on the Australian Powerball

Pick 6 regular numbers from 1 to 40 plus the P Ball number from 1 to 20. 

Two drums are used in the Australian Powerball draw, one for the regular numbers and a second for the Powerball number. Get all six regular numbers plus the P Ball number to hit the jackpot or specific combinations of regular and/or Powerball numbers to win one of seven additional prize divisions. For more information please read our FAQ section.