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EuroJackpot Results & Winning Numbers

Fri 02 Dec
EuroJackpot Results for Friday 02 Dec 2016
  • 1
  • 20
  • 39
  • 48
  • 50
  • 3
  • 7
Tier 1 5 Numbers, 2 Euronumbers 0x £38,771,146.00
Tier 2 5 Numbers, 1 Euronumber 3x £479,326.50
Tier 3 5 Numbers, 0 Euronumbers 2x £253,761.11
Tier 4 4 Numbers, 2 Euronumbers 46x £3,677.70
Tier 5 4 Numbers, 1 Euronumber 587x £259.35
Tier 6 4 Numbers, 0 Euronumber 981x £120.70
Tier 7 3 Numbers, 2 Euronumbers 2,255x £45.01
Tier 8 2 Numbers, 2 Euronumbers 36,747x £15.85
Tier 9 3 Numbers, 1 Euronumber 28,375x £15.85
Tier 10 3 Numbers, 0 Euronumbers 46,931x £15.42
Tier 11 1 Number, 2 Euronumbers 231,246x £6.83
Tier 12 2 Numbers, 1 Euronumber 430,797x £6.83

The EuroJackpot numbers for 02.12.2016

The 246th draw for the EuroJackpot was held on 02.12.2016, as usual at 9pm in Helsinki.

EuroJackpot numbers for 02.12.2016

The balls used for the draw are made of a synthetic polymer, softer than ping-pong balls. The results are broadcast after the draw, with the draw-machines independently checked by the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland.

Lottoland published the draw results immediately after the draw on 02.12.2016. You can easily check your tickets here at Lottoland, or purchase your ticket for the next draw.

The EuroJackpot was not won

After another snag-free draw of the EuroJackpot on 02.12.2016, the results were posted. Unfortunately, there were no jackpot winners in any of the countries participating in the lottery. However all is not lost: the jackpot rolls over to the next draw, growing to a chunky 48 million pounds!

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