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Summer Lottery Help & FAQ


El Gordo de Verano is the summer equivalent of Spain’s huge Christmas lottery El Gordo. The Spanish Summer Lottery offers excellent chances of winning, with 70% of share revenue placed back into a staggering prize pot of £100m. It takes place once a year, with this year’s draw falling on Saturday July 1st.

What is the difference between El Gordo de Verano and El Gordo?

Spain’s world renowned Christmas Lottery El Gordo, also known as El Gordo de Navidad, is drawn once a year in December. El Gordo de Verano is the summer version of this draw.

When does it take place?

The draw takes place once a year on the first Saturday in July. This year’s draw falls on Saturday July 1st. The draw for the first prize tier normally takes place by 1pm (CET), with subsequent draws for the lower prize tiers happening one after another. As there are so many different prize tiers this can take a while!

How do I make a bet?

You can choose to bet a ‘full 'number' or 'share'. Should you choose a full number you will be entitled to the entire prize tier amount should your 5 digit 'number' number be drawn. You can also select a share, at a fraction of the cost. So, should your number come up, and you bet a 1/10th share you’ll receive 1/10th of the prize for that tier. It’s also possible to bet 1/100th of a 'share' for which you will receive an equivalent share of the prize pot.

How much does it cost to bet ?

A full number costs £249.99. A 1/10th share costs £34.99 and 1/100th costs £4.99.

What does ‘El Gordo’ actually mean?

A quick google translate will reveal that El Gordo means the ‘fat’ one. Which is more than apt as it is certainly a very big draw with a huge prize pot!

How big is the prize pot?

There is over £100m in the prize pot, which although massive, is still dwarfed by the huge sum available for the Christmas version. The great thing about this draw is that it offers an outstanding chance of winning of over 35%, which is higher than any other lottery out there!

What are the chances of winning?

As mentioned in the previous FAQ, El Gordo de Verano offers a win ratio of over 1 in 3 at around 35%! This is considerably higher than the vast majority of lotteries.

How much can I win?

The total amount you can win depends on whether you purchased a full number, or a share. It also depends on the prize tier at which your number was drawn out.

Why should I bet on the Spanish Summer Lotto?

As with the Christmas El Gordo, the Spanish Summer Lotto offers exceptional chances of winning. The draw is hugely popular in its native Spain, with the clamour for shares at fever pitch in the run up to the draw. How much or how little you want to bet is also up to you. You can bet on a ‘full number’ at a higher price and increase your chances of landing a major windfall, or you can bet on a share of a number for much cheaper and still retain a high 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize.