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El Niño online

About El Niño

Say hello to El Gordo’s little brother El Nino

Second only to El Gordo in prize pool size the El Nino takes place in Madrid on January 6th and boasts an estimated prize pool of £458m. Traditionally, El Nino has only been available in Spain, but now you can win all the same prizes by betting on the draw at Lottoland.

Easy and Simple

Choose your number from 00000–99999 and then select the share you wish to bet. If you select a full number, you’ll receive the full prize should you win at any tier. If you select a share, you’ll receive an amount equivalent to your share. For more on this check out our Help & FAQ’s.

Start the New Year in style

El Gordo’s little brother pays out in a big way with more than 37, 000 potential winning combinations available on every bet. In addition to this the odds of winning a £1.45m jackpot are outstanding at just in 1 in 100,000.

Form a syndicate with friends and family

In Spain friends and family come together to watch the drawing of the winning numbers in homes, restaurants, taverns and town squares across the country. Why not club together with your friends and family and take the chance to get rich together in 2017?