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Kerala Lottery in India

The Oldest Lottery in India

The Kerala Lottery: India's Favourite Lottery

20 June 2017 - Find out about the Kerala Lottery, India's oldest state lottery. Discover more about how the Kerala state lottery works and why it is so popular in India.
Enjoy the Small Things for a Better Life

80 little things for a happier life

Do you want to enjoy life? Appreciate the Small Things!

19 June 2017 - Learn to enjoy the small things in life and you will be a happier person. Check out our list of 80 little things & everyday moments for a happier life.
The Meaning of the 10 Most Common Dreams

The meaning of dreams and how they relate to our lives

The 10 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean

15 June 2017 - Discover the meanings of ten of the most common dreams we have. Find out how to take action to improve your life based on the dreams you have at night.
How to Change Your Life

Want to change your life? Do these 12 things a day!

Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

14 June 2017 - Have you dreamed about changing your life? Making small changes to your daily routine can result in big changes to your life. Here are 12 steps to change.

Get your friends signed up to Lottoland to earn free cash

Refer a Friend: Get £10 Free!

14 June 2017 - Earn cash from the Refer A Friend offer at Lottoland. Spread the word to your friends about the great deals at Lottoland and earn a free ten pounds bonus. …more

Mapped by Country

Male vs Female Billionaire Split

12 June 2017 - See how the number of billionaires worldwide breaks down by sex and location.…more

The Power of Smiles and Laughter

Laughing Therapy: 9 Health Benefits of Laughter

08 June 2017 - Laughter and smiling have been shown to be good for body and mind. Discover the reason why laughter is healthy and smiling will make you feel better. …more

When is the next EuroMillions Superdraw?

EuroMillions Superdraw 2017

05 June 2017 - When is the next EuroMillions Superdraw for 2017? The next EuroMillions Superdraw takes place on Friday June 30th 2017. EuroMillions at Lottoland in June.…more

History of Lottery Games Through the Ages

History of the Lottery

31 May 2017 - A brief history of lotteries from ancient China to the modern Powerball and EuroMillion lottery draws. Thousands of years of lottery draws are still popular.…more

5 best countries for a happy life

The Happiest Countries in the World 2017

29 May 2017 - Discover which is the happiest country in the world for 2017 according to the World Happiness Report. The best country to live in the world for 2017.…more

Lottoland has now reached six million members worldwide

Lottoland Hits the 6 Million Mark!

29 May 2017 - Lottoland welcomes its six millionth member to the fold. In just four years Lottoland has grown exponentially as more people worldwide become Lottolanders.…more

Inspiring and Motivating Films with a Positive Message

20 Inspirational Movies that Can Change Your Life

24 May 2017 - Discover 20 of the most inspirational movies of all time. These motivational films have positive messages about people who have triumphed over adversity.…more