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Lottoland's Rollover Reload on EuroMillions

Lottoland's Rollover Reload gives you a Second Chance to Win this Friday

Reloading the EuroMillions Jackpot back to £101 million

23 May 2017 - Lottoland's Rollover Reload guarantees a second chance to win £101 million this Teusday
Biggest Lottery Winners in the World

Largest Lottery Jackpot Wins Ever

The Biggest Lottery Winners of All Time

23 May 2017 - Discovering more about the biggest lottery winners ever. How much was the biggest jackpot lottery prize of all time and where do big lottery winners live?
21 Step Guide to Happiness

How to Make Yourself Happy

The 21 Step Guide to Happiness

18 May 2017 - This 21 step guide to happiness teaches you the techniques and strategies recommended by experts and scientists, to enable you to enjoy a happier life.
Lotter Strategies

Special Features to Enhance your Lottery Betting Experience

Lottery Strategies with Lottoland

15 May 2017 - Special features available exclusively at Lottoland allow you to adapt your lottery strategy. Double Jackpot, Number Shield and Jackpot Hunt at Lottoland.

Win Holiday Vouchers Worth £1,500!

WorldMillions Holiday Giveaway

09 May 2017 - Bet on WorldMillions with Lottoland to be entered into a draw to win Holiday Vouchers Worth £1,500! Competition runs until May 28th 2017.…more

Jogo do Bicho and Modern Brazilian Lotteries

Brazil Lottery: The Curious Case of the Animal Lottery

03 May 2017 - The history of lotteries in Brazil from the animal lottery (Jogo do Bicho) to Mega-Sena and the Brazil Quina lottery today. …more

The Swedish Lottery Offers Great Odds of Winning a Jackpot

How to Bet on the Swedish Lotto from the UK

01 May 2017 - The Swedish Lotto offers some of the best jackpot odds of any European lottery. Find out more about the Swedish Lottery 'Dream Win' extra jackpot game.…more

The Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Top 10 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

26 April 2017 - A recent survey of more than 2,000 adults in the UK found that on average people are getting less than the recommended number of hours sleep per night.…more

£150 Million in Guaranteed Prizes Every Week

WorldMillions: The New Global Lottery for Everybody

25 April 2017 - WorldMillions is the brand new global lottery offering guaranteed jackpot prizes of £150 Million every single week.…more

The Best Instant Lottery Games at Lottoland

Instant Win Lottery Games

24 April 2017 - Pay a visit to Lottoland and you may be surprised by the range of different instant win lottery games which are available on the site. …more

Discover which jobs will be overtaken by tech in the near future.

Common Jobs Which Won’t Exist in 20 Years Time

21 April 2017 - Which popular jobs of today will be extinct in 20 years from now? Find out which careers are likely to disappear in the near future.…more

How These People Did It

Winning The Lottery Twice

30 March 2017 - Ever wondered how you beat mind boggling odds to win the lottery jackpot? See how these people managed it, and what you can do to boost your chances. …more