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The Heist

Ultimate quiz fun for the ultimate jackpot! Take ten steps to reach the vault and steal the prize.

The Heist


To play The Heist, take ten steps to reach the vault and steal the money. Step with care! Answer the questions correctly and avoid setting off the alarms. Once you’re inside the vault, you face Jackpot or Jail. You have a choice – escape with what you have or keep stealing more bags. Beware though – a single alarm will end your game.

  • Before you start, decide how much you're willing to bet. The higher your bet, the more money you can win.
  • The amount displayed as "In the Vault" represents the maximum amount you can win if you manage to cross the board without setting off any alarms.
  • The amount displayed as “Ultimate Jackpot” is the final amount that can be won in the final Jackpot or Jail round if you do not set off any alarms.
  • Press "Play now" to confirm your bet.
  • The board contains 10 alarms, 10 green arrows and 10 questions, shuffled by the Random Number Generator.
  • Every step consists of choosing one of the 3 boxes.
  • A box may contain:
  • A green arrow - allowing you to move on to the next step. Lucky you!
  • A red alarm - this will cost you one life.
  • A yellow question mark - a question with a choice of 2 answers. Answer correctly to move on; answer incorrectly and you lose a life.
  • Questions must be answered within 20 seconds or they will be counted as answered incorrectly. The amount of time left to answer the question is displayed in the top right corner on every answer screen.
  • During a game your remaining lives are displayed top centre. You'll always start with 5 lives.
  • Each alarm that you set off will reduce the amount of money available in the vault and in the ultimate jackpot.
  • Reach the vault with at least one life remaining to win what’s in the vault.
  • In the Jackpot or Jail round, you are asked if you wish to cash-out with your existing winnings, or restake it to win the amount highlighted in the next bag.
  • The bag currently spotlit can be selected, or you can select a particular bag using a pointing device or touchscreen.
  • If you uncover a green arrow, the amount is won immediately. If you uncover a question mark, you must answer the question correctly to win; answer incorrectly and you will lose. If you uncover an alarm, the game ends and you lose your existing .
  • After a bag has been won, the player faces the choice again, to cashout or to restake the winnings.
  • The player can continue selecting bags until the ultimate jackpot is reached or a wrong answer or alarm ends the game.
  • The draws take place 'on demand'. Therefore, notwithstanding anything in the Terms and Conditions, you will not receive a confirmation message in order for your bet to be valid.
  • The Ultimate Jackpot for all bets is capped at £1,000,000. The number of bags that must be stolen in order to achieve the ultimate jackpot is variable, depending upon the original bet – see paytable below for details. Further bags will not be offered once the cap has been reached as the ultimate jackpot will be paid out at that point. This cap does not negatively impact upon the odds of winning, in fact it slightly increases average payout.

Average Payout and Skill

The Heist is a chance-based game with an element of skill. Your average payout depends on your skill at answering questions

The following table describes your average payout based on how many questions you answer correctly. These numbers are based on the assumption that a player is equally likely to steal or cash out during the Jackpot or Jail round.

Your average Return to Player will be:

100% Correct - 90%

75% Correct - 56%

50% Correct - 29%


The amount "in the vault" can be cashed out after successfully reaching the vault. The actual amount depends on how many alarms have been set off during those steps:

Alarms set off = 0 during first round pays out 200% amount in vault

Alarms set off = 1 during first round pays out 150% amount in vault

Alarms set off = 2 during first round pays out 135% amount in vault

Alarms set off = 3 during first round pays out 120% amount in vault

Alarms set off = 4 during first round pays out 100% amount in vault

Amount in % of your bet

After the vault has been reached the player can choose to enter the "Jackpot or Jail" round in which the amount in the vault can be increased by opening additional bags. Alternatively, they can cashout.

Should one of those bags contain an alarm or a question that the player can't answer correctly the game is over instantly and all amounts won during this game are lost. Should the player manage to find an arrow instead or answer a question correctly the amount in the vault increases according to the following formula:

Increase = (Number of unopened bags) / (Number of bags without alarms) * (Current amount in the vault) * 0.9

Winning amounts are rounded to three significant numbers.


The questions in The Heist are selected from a pool of 15000 questions. If you're playing a demo version, only a subset of 1000 questions is used. All Questions have 1 correct answer and 3 incorrect answers, of which only one incorrect answer will be displayed, chosen at random.

Integrity of Questions and Answer Database

The output of the Service Provider's question and answer database used by the Operator is monitored regularly by the Operator to ensure the data is accurate. Questions and answers are provided and checked by the industry leading trivia company for accuracy and then maintained by Gamevy. The operator reserves the right to be the final arbiter in deciding an answer to a question.

Interrupted play

We know that internet connections can sometimes be unreliable or something can interrupt the game. We try to make this as fair as possible to you. For example, if you run out of battery while playing or you've reached your personal daily time limit, when you return, the game will start at the point you left.

However, during a question phase, we'll have to assume you didn't answer it in time. All other phases are safe for a short break.

But we do ask you to finish any game you have started within 24 hours or we will mark your game as abandoned and you will lose your stake.

Demo Play

The Operator's Demo Mode games are a sample of the Play for Real version. They play with the exact same rules, random number generator but use a restricted question database. The questions in this database are representative of the same level of difficulty as the Play for Real version. The questions in this smaller demo database have been randomly selected from the play for real version. Demo Mode versions of games allow you to play for "fun money" that has no financial value.

Side Bets

During the first round, where the player takes ten steps to the Vault, there is an option for side betting. If this option has been enabled, the side bet buttons can be seen on the right hand side of the screen. Here, the player can place a bet on which symbol will appear next – alarm, question or green arrow.

On each symbol button the appropriate payout odds will be displayed as a multiple of your stake. A single press of the button will suggest a £1 stake – this can be increased by repeatedly pressing the button. The player will then need to confirm the bet by pressing the tick (symbol) button. It can be cancelled by pressing the x.

When the player then selects the next step, any winnings will be added immediately into the account.

You can make multiple bets up to a limit of £500 per step. The average return to player on all side bets is 95%.

Gaming System Malfunction

The Operator reserves the right to withhold winnings and void wagers if a Player manipulates the games in a fraudulent manner or the Gaming System itself malfunctions. The definition of such a malfunction extends to an error in the published odds or pay tables, or a game not working in accordance with its published rules.