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Mini Lotto Help & FAQ

The Polish MINI Lotto takes place seven days a week, costs a bargain 25p to bet and offers great odds of winning the £60k jackpot.

How does betting on the MINI Lotto at Lottoland work?

Instead of entering the official Mini Lotto draw, you place a bet on the outcome of it. You pick the numbers you think will be drawn in the same way as if you had entered the official lottery draw. At Lottoland, you win the same prize money for each prize tier that the official lottery operator offers, including the jackpot, and you receive your prize money as if you had actually played the official lottery.

How do I choose a line and place a bet?

To place a bet on this draw all you need to do is select 5 numbers from the main pool of 1–42. You can also select the QuickPick option (Quick+1) and this will choose your numbers at random. After this simply click submit. This will take you through to a checkout. At this stage just click ‘Confirm and proceed’ to place your bet.

How do I win the Jackpot?

You will win our jackpot if your 5 main numbers are the same as that in the official MINI Lotto draw.

Can I win all the same prizes betting on the draw with Lottoland?

You can win all the same main game prizes betting on the draw with us as those available in the official draw, including the jackpot.

How much does it cost to play?

A single line costs 25p. A line with the DoubleJackpot feature costs 50p.

How does the DoubleJackpot feature work?

The DoubleJackpot feature allows you to bet for twice the official lottery jackpot. So, for instance, if the official Mini Lotto draw is £60k and you bet on the outcome with us and activate the DoubleJackpot feature, you can potentially win £120k.

You will pay double the price of your normal line to activate the DoubleJackpot feature. So, if you wish to bet on mini Lotto with the DoubleJackpot feature you’ll pay 50p, instead of 25p.

When does the draw take place?

The MINI Lotto is drawn at 20:40 GMT on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings

What are the odds of winning the jackpot?

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 850,668. A breakdown of all the odds for each prize tier, together with estimated returns is included below.

Can you explain the different prize tiers available?

When you bet on the outcome of the MINI Lotto you will be treated as though you entered the official draw and will receive the same main game prizes should you win.

The table below explains the different prize tiers, odds of winning each prize tier and the estimated individual returns for each prize tier.

The information below is provided as a guide only and your actual payout amount may differ from that below. Should you win you will be paid out in pounds. The values shown are in pound sterling. Please bear in mind that the values shown are dependent on the euro to pound exchange rate.

Prize Tier Odds of winning Estimated prize payout
5 numbers 1 in 850,668 £60,000
4 numbers 1 in 4,598 About £200
3 numbers 1 in 128 About £3.50

What do I do if I win?

If your account has been verified simply proceed to your account and withdraw your winnings. If your account has not been verified you will first need to provide proof of your ID and proof of address. Once this has been confirmed you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

Are my winnings tax free?

You will not be taxed on any winnings for this lottery.

How can I be sure I will get paid?

We are audited by KPMG and fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. In order for us to retain this license we have to prove that we are able to make the required payments to our players should they win.

Smaller Payments

We make all payouts directly from the fund we have acquired from total betting stakes.

Larger Payments

We take out policies with world leading insurers to cover larger payments.

What is a Subscription?

Subscriptions remove the hassle of manually entering bets on each event and the fear of missing out on a big win. Our Subscription feature allows you to set up a running bet or bets on a given lottery draw. The subscription is open ended and will run for as long as you want it too. You can opt out at any time.

Why should I bet on MINI Lotto at Lottoland?

The MINI Lotto is the cheapest lottery available to bet on at Lottoland and offers a jackpot of £60k! There’s also attractive returns often in excess of £10k for hitting the second tier. It also takes place seven days week so you can get a full week’s worth of lines for just £1.75!