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Quina Lotto Betting

About Quina Lotto Betting

Quina – Brazil’s State Bank Lottery

Quina is a Brazilian lottery run by the state bank and is famed for its excellent value and regular draws. You can bet on this draw and win the same prizes as the official draw at Lottoland!

Drawn six times a week

The Quina lottery takes place no six times a week, with draws occurring Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays). Quina is drawn at 23:00 (GMT).

Pick five numbers from 80

Players select five numbers (from 1 to 80) and must match all five to win the jackpot. There are four prize tiers in total, with players winning by matching two balls or more.

Daily value

As well as draws taking place nearly every day, the Brazilian Quina is noted for its excellent value: line bets on Quina cost just £0.50 with Lottoland.