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Get 504 chances to win one of the world’s biggest lotteries. And all for just £15!

£105 million
100 Shares Available
£15.00 /SHARE

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Lotteries included

MegaMillions - £105 million
2 lines


504 chances to win!

You’ll receive 504 chances to win a prize on one of America’s – and the entire world’s – biggest lottery games: MegaMillions.

Truly mega jackpots

MegaMillions battles it out with PowerBall to produce the biggest jackpots the world has ever seen, with prizes often running into the 100’s of millions!

Only £15!

At only £15 for 252 chances to win, you’ll never have a better chance at landing that dream MegaMillions jackpot.


Go big or go home. And you don’t get much bigger that the aptly-named, MegaMillions. These jackpots are to be seen to be believed. And, for just £15, you can get one of the 124 shares among likeminded players and go for that dream prize. Draws take place in the early hours of Wednesday and Saturday. Go for MegaMillions in style.