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Lotto Help & FAQ

UK National Lottery - Be the next UK millionaire

The UK National Lottery has a rich tradition since its birth back in November 1994, with thousands of millionaires created by the 6 from 49 numbers lotto. In October 2013 the cost of playing the UK National Lottery doubled from £1 to £2 with a revamp to the game intended to create bigger jackpots and increase the consolation prize from £10 to £25.

The introduction of the Lotto Raffle to award a minimum of 50 customers each a £20,000 prize per draw was also attributed to the price increase. All these changes were implemented following feedback from customers, however sales figures indicate that the public are voting with their feet against the rise to £2 for a single line. The one thing that hasn’t changed from the game is the odds for winning the jackpot that still stands at 1 in 13,983,815.

What is the format of the UK National Lottery?

To win the jackpot on the UK National Lottery you have to correctly match the first 6 numbers drawn from a range of 1 to 49. There is a Bonus Ball that is the seventh ball to come out and that is required for prize category 2 i.e. 5 main numbers plus Bonus Ball.

There are 5 prize categories available for you to win, with the consolation prize for matching 3 numbers paying £25. The odds of you claiming a prize remain the same as before with a 1 in 57 chance.

Why is there no raffle number on my UK Lotto bet?

Buying an official UK National Lottery ticket comes with a raffle number that awards a bonus prize to players. Betting on the UK Lotto at Lottoland comes without a raffle prize category and that is why there is no raffle number on your bet.

At Lottoland you do get our exclusive MillionaireGuarantee for FREE any time you play UK Lotto meaning that should there be multiple winners of the jackpot you are still guaranteed to win £1 million.

What is the UK Lotto MillionaireGuarantee?

On average once a month there is a UK National Lottery payout to winners who will receive less than a million pounds. Did you know that on 14 January 1995 the jackpot of £16 million was shared amongst 133 winners for an individual prize of £122,510?

At Lottoland when your dream win comes in, you will collect a minimum of £1,000,000 for matching the 6 winning numbers on UK Lotto!

Where can I play the UK Lotto?

You can bet on the UK Lotto anywhere in the UK! When you bet on the UK Lotto at Lottoland, you receive instant notifications of any winnings so you don’t ever have to worry about losing or throwing away a winning ticket. Playing UK Lotto also allows you to set-up a Subscription service that suits you, so you can decide to be charged weekly, fortnightly, monthly, half a year or even a full year.

You can even opt to select a date in the future from when your bet will be placed, so if you know there is a ‘Super Draw’ coming up, then you can ensure your bet is places, by choosing your numbers early! Or you can bet on the UK Lotto with another subscription option called JackpotHunt that will automatically renew your bet in the current jackpot rollover until it is hit (won by you or someone else).

What are my potential UK National Lottery winnings?

Camelot Group estimate that the minimum jackpots for the Wednesday draw will be £2.5 million and £5 million for a Saturday draw, if there is no rollover. The minimum amount you will win on the UK National Lottery is £25 for correctly picking 3 main numbers from the draw.

Is there a maximum jackpot for the UK National Lottery?

There is no maximum jackpot for the UK National Lottery but the lotto can only rollover a maximum of four times. Once the UK National Lottery has rolled-over for four consecutive draws, the jackpot must be won and is shared amongst the winner(s) of the next Prize Category; for example Prize Category 2 is won for matching 5 main numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

On 10 June 1995 the largest UK National Lottery won by a single ticket of £22,590,829 was claimed by Paul Madison and Mark Gardiner; two double-glazing businessmen from St Leonards-on-Sea. To date the largest jackpot size of £42,008,610 was reached on 6 January 1996; three anonymous winners each won £14,002,870.

What are the UK National Lottery prize categories?

Prize tier Share of the total prize money Average individual prize
1 (6) 52.00% Sat £5M, Wed £2.5M
2 (5 + Bonus Ball) 16.00% £50,000
3 (5) 10.00% £1,000
4 (4) 22.00% £100
5 (3) N/A £25*
* Prize category 5 is fixed and only in exceptional circumstances will this amount be reduced as determined by Camelot Group.
When you bet on UK Lotto you will receive the same prize payouts as if you bought an official ticket.

How much does it cost to bet on the UK Lotto?

A single line to play the UK Lotto requires 6 numbers chosen from a range of 1 to 49. Each line costs £2 as per the UK National Lottery entry fee. At Lottoland you can play for a bigger jackpot than the estimated figure by selecting our exclusive DoubleJackpot feature. From an extra £2 per line picked, you can double your winnings if you land the once in a lifetime jackpot win!

You can also play UK Lotto with our NumberShield feature that means you can protect your lucky numbers at Lottoland, so that if your 6 numbers come out of the draw, then you will win the jackpot all by yourself at Lottoland, and don’t have to share a single penny. The NumberShield is available from £1 extra.

When are the UK National Lottery winning numbers drawn?

There are two draws each week for the UK National Lottery that take place on Wednesday and Saturday. The Saturday draw is broadcast live on BBC1 and such is the interest that there are special programmes that revolve around the main draw that begin from 20:30 UK time. The broadcast times are subject to change due to programme scheduling from the BBC.

The Wednesday draw is no longer televised but is available to view online and a results update is usually available from 22:35 UK time. Occasionally there are special draws held and if you play UK Lotto this will be displayed at Lottoland.

When is the deadline for playing the UK National Lottery?

The official deadline for the UK National Lottery is 19:30 UK time on the day of the draw. At Lottoland you can still place bets on the UK Lotto, after the official draw time has closed for the UK National Lottery. So you have the opportunity to bet with QuickPick selections right up until the time of the draw.

What are UK Lotto LastMinute bets?

There are occasions when a player will forget to make bets, but still want to bet on the draw.

Please note that you cannot choose your own numbers once the draw deadline has passed at 19:30 UK time. If you are selecting your numbers past the close time then you are entering for the next UK Lotto draw.

How do I fill out a UK Lotto Play Slip?

The UK Lotto Play Slip has 12 fields that you can choose to fill in. One field must be completed with a minimum of 6 numbers chosen for a single line to be entered at a cost of £2. The status bar will inform you of how many more numbers are required to pick for a single line.

At Lottoland if you decide to select more than 6 numbers, then your selections will automatically be combined to enter all the possible different lines in the draw, and this is known as a Combo bet. This is a convenient way of playing for the serious lotto player or those who bet as a syndicate and want to give each player a number to choose from.

What Subscription term should I choose for UK Lotto?

You can bet with a regular Subscription on UK Lotto so you are betting on every draw, or you can choose to bet each Saturday's or each Tuesday's draw. The choice is entirely up to you, and it also means that you don’t have to worry about placing bets when you’re on holiday, or if you forget to make a visit to the shop. You can also decide on what billing period you wish to be charged at, so you can pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, half a year or even a year in advance.

What does the ‘Participation when jackpot is’ feature do?

At Lottoland we make it easier for the player to choose how and when they want to bet on the UK Lotto or any other lotto draw. If you only want to bet on the UK Lotto when there is a bigger jackpot total, then you can opt for a pot from a range of levels such as £5M, £8M, £10M, £12M or £15M.

Is it possible bet on the UK Lotto for a future draw?

You can place a bet for a specific date in the future because it has a special meaning to you such as an anniversary or birthday with Lottoland. Our UK Lotto betslip allows you to select your numbers for a date 2 months in advance of the current draw.

This also means that if you have heard about an upcoming Super Draw and you want to make sure you are entered, you can bet on that nominated draw a couple of months before the official UK National Lottery sells tickets for it.

How do I get my UK Lotto winnings?

When you bet on the UK Lotto online at Lottoland, you don’t have to worry about claiming a ticket or where your money goes. You will be notified by email of any winnings, and the money will be returned to your Player Account so you can decide to try and extend your lucky streak, or withdraw to your bank account.

What is the UK Lotto JackpotHunt?

Our JackpotHunt subscription option allows you to bet on the current jackpot that will automatically renew itself until the rollover is won. So for example if you pace a EuroMillions bet when the jackpot is £40 million, your bet will continue to be entered until it is won either by yourself or someone else.