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Next draw, thursday 17.30
€100 millions
Line 1
Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
Line 2
Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
Line 3
Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
Line 4
Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
Line 5
Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
Line 6
Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
Line 7
Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
Line 8
Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
Line 9
Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
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Enter 8 numbers between 0 - 9
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WorldMillions Lotto Betting

WorldMillions Lotto Betting

WorldMillions – Bet on our new lotto betting product with weekly jackpots of £150 million

WorldMillions is drawn twice weekly, offering £150 million in prizes every week. Every Thursday, £50 million is up for grabs, while every Sunday there is a staggering £100 million jackpot and these jackpots stay the same regardless of if someone wins either of the jackpot amounts.

You can go for these huge prizes only by betting on the outcome of the draw with Lottoland.

8-digit winning number

With WorldMillions, you bet on the outcome by selecting an eight-digit number. If you match the number in the correct order with your bet, you win the jackpot prize amount. You also win prizes by matching the last set of digits of the winning number and how much you win depends on how many you bet correctly. 

For example, if you correctly bet the last number only, then you win the bottom prize tier. If you bet the last two numbers correctly, you win the next prize tier up and so on up until the jackpot.

Better chances of winning than EuroMillions

The odds of winning the jackpot amount on WorldMillions are 1 in 100,000,000; significantly better than other major lotteries, such as EuroMillions.

Never share a jackpot

On WorldMillions, only one person can bet on any given number. So, when you bet on a number, this number is yours and yours alone, meaning you’ll never have to share a jackpot! By setting up a subscription, you can ensure that nobody else takes your lucky numbers.

Spread your bets for a better chance of success

WorldMillions bets cost £5 for the Thursday £50 million draw, and £10 for Sunday’s £100 million draw. But you can also stake fractions too. For example, you can stake a tenth of a line bet for a tenth of the cost: £1 instead of £10 (on a Sunday). If you win, you’ll win a tenth of the prize money, but it allows you to make ten bets for £10 and increase your chances of winning — the choice is yours.