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Christmas Lottery online from UK

About the Christmas Lottery

Bet on the Spanish Christmas Lottery at Lottoland

This incredible event takes place on December 22nd in Madrid and boasts the world’s biggest prize pool of £1.6 billion. Traditionally, El Gordo has only been available in Spain, but now you can get involved and win all the same prizes by betting on the draw at Lottoland.

Make it a Christmas you’ll never forget

With £1.6 billion in prizes and an unparalleled 1 in 6 chance of having a winning ticket the Spanish Christmas Lottery is the biggest and most famous lottery in the world. In Spain, more than 90% of the population celebrates the chance to receive the Christmas gift of a lifetime and now you can as well.

Form a syndicate with friends and family

The drawing of the winning numbers is a major highlight of the Spanish festive season with family and friends coming together in homes, restaurants, taverns and town squares across the country to watch it unfold. Why not club together with your friends and family to buy a full ticket and take the chance to get rich together this Christmas?

£1.6 billion payout and the world’s best odds of winning

With unmatched 1 in 100,000 odds of winning a £2.8 million jackpot with each ticket bought, it is no wonder why the Spanish Christmas Lottery is such a phenomenon. In addition to this there are 14, 304 more prizes available!

"Spain's massive lottery awards

"Spain Christmas Lottery Dishes Out

"Inside the Spanish village


Millions In Tiny Town of Granen"

where everyone was a winner"

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