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Christmas Lottery Magazine

When Is Your Next Chance To Bet?

When Is The Next Lottery?

17 January 2017 - Wondering when the next lottery jackpot is? Check out our full list of lottos to see when your next chance to win big is.…more

UK Players Win Big On El Gordo And EuroMillions.

Unforgettable Christmas For Lottoland Winners!

09 January 2017 - Jack from the West Midlands won £421k after betting on El Gordo before brother and sister Joe and Sarah scooped £343k on EuroMillions a day later.…more

Meet Our Latest Big Winner

UK Player Wins Big On El Gordo

23 December 2016 - A West Midlands player has scooped an incredible £422,000 in Lottoland's Spanish Christmas Lottery jackpot! …more

Get Ready For Tomorrow's Big Draw!

Fun Facts About El Gordo

21 December 2016 - It's not long until the famous Spanish Christmas Lottery draw, so why not prepare yourself for this amazing jackpot with some amazing stats and facts about the world's biggest lottery. …more

The Best Festive Adverts Around? We Think So!

Spanish Christmas Lottery Ads

14 December 2016 - Great Christmas Ads have become a big thing in the UK, but they're not unique to our little island! Did you know that the Spanish Christmas Lottery releases one each year, and we think they're some of the best around!…more

If You Think Your Lot Gets Weird Just Wait…

Strange Christmas Traditions From Around The World

13 December 2016 - Burnt goats, fermented birds and fried chicken. If you think things get weird with your family at Christmas check out these strange festive traditions.…more

The Towns That Won The Lottery

El Gordo Winners

12 December 2016 - Meet the villages and towns that won big on the world famous Spanish Christmas Lottery draw.…more

How To Follow In His Footsteps

Meet Lottoland's Biggest El Gordo Winner

08 December 2016 - Last year one lucky Lottoland customer banked the full El Gordo jackpot, and started 2016 as a multi-millionaire! Find out how he won, and how you can do the same.…more