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The amazing stories of lottery winners from around the globe; where are they now, how did they spend their winnings and what are their future plans?

Exclusive Reload: Let's Hear It One More Time!

Lottoland Rewinds EuroMillions Jackpot To £151 Million

11 October 2016 - With Lottoland's exclusive EuroMillions Reload we're hitting rewind to give you a 2nd chance to win £151 million for only £2! But hurry, offer ends Friday!…more

Beat The Price Hike!

EuroMillions Bets Remain £2 At Lottoland

26 September 2016 - We're delighted to announce that the cost of a EuroMillions line will remain at £2 after September, but only here at Lottoland!…more

Where Do The Richest People Live?

Which Country Has The Most Billionaires 2016

14 September 2016 - Discover which countries have the largest amount of billionaires!…more

Bigger Jackpots, On Your Terms

Double Jackpots

07 September 2016 - Dreaming of a super-sized jackpot? Tired of waiting around for Special Jackpots? If so, we have something perfect for you to bet on. Find out more about Lottoland's Double Jackpots here.…more

How Nations Compare To Each Other

Which Country Has The Most Millionaires 2016

05 September 2016 - Which Country Has The Most Millionaires 2016 - You'll Be Surprised…more

Find The Perfect Destination For You

Where To Travel On Your Budget

30 August 2016 - Looking to expand your horizons, see a bit more of the world? We're compiled a list of the best places to visit, whatever your budget might be.…more

How Much Do You Trust Your Fellow Members?

Lottery Syndicates Gone Wrong

24 August 2016 - Lottery syndicates are a great way of boosting your chances of winning the jackpot - but what happens when winning groups are torn apart by money?…more

The Twists Of Fate Which Helped Make Fortunes!

Lucky Breaks of Successful Entrepreneurs

05 August 2016 - The twists of fate which helped make the fortunes of some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs!…more
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