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Breaking lottery headlines from around the world which will keep you up-to-date on the latest stories, rule changes and other lotto news.

Lottery Betting Juggernaut Continues To Grow

Lottoland Reaches 5 Million Customers

18 January 2017 - Four years, five million customers, hundreds of millions in prizes – and Lottoland's legendary growth shows no sign of slowing. Come join the celebration...…more

Bigger Jackpots, On Your Terms

Double Jackpots

10 January 2017 - Dreaming of a super-sized jackpot? Tired of waiting around for Special Jackpots? If so, we have something perfect for you to bet on. Find out more about Lottoland's Double Jackpots here.…more

Record Jackpots, Big Wins And Price Freezes!

2016 - An Amazing Year For Lottery

04 January 2017 - With 2016 finally over, we look back at the biggest events in the world of lottery. …more

What Can You Afford Around The World

The Value Of Money

03 January 2017 - See how the value of money changes around the world, and discover the purchasing power of the average wage where you live. …more

Start 2017 With A Bang!

El Niño Lottery - Betting Guide

23 December 2016 - With £537 million on the table this January, find out about this amazing lottery straight from sunny Spain. …more

Meet Our Latest Big Winner

UK Player Wins Big On El Gordo

23 December 2016 - A West Midlands player has scooped an incredible £422,000 in Lottoland's Spanish Christmas Lottery jackpot! …more

Get Ready For Tomorrow's Big Draw!

Fun Facts About El Gordo

21 December 2016 - It's not long until the famous Spanish Christmas Lottery draw, so why not prepare yourself for this amazing jackpot with some amazing stats and facts about the world's biggest lottery. …more

New Year's Eve's Biggest Jackpot

Mega 2017

21 December 2016 - Mega 2017 is your chance to bank an amazing £100 million jackpot on December 31st. Click here to discover how you can start 2017 as a multi-millionaire. …more
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