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Breaking lottery headlines from around the world which will keep you up-to-date on the latest stories, rule changes and other lotto news.

Mapped by Country

Male vs Female Billionaire Split

12 June 2017 - See how the number of billionaires worldwide breaks down by sex and location.…more

The Power of Smiles and Laughter

Laughing Therapy: 9 Health Benefits of Laughter

08 June 2017 - Laughter and smiling have been shown to be good for body and mind. Discover the reason why laughter is healthy and smiling will make you feel better. …more

5 best countries for a happy life

The Happiest Countries in the World 2017

29 May 2017 - Discover which is the happiest country in the world for 2017 according to the World Happiness Report. The best country to live in the world for 2017.…more

Lottoland has now reached six million members worldwide

Lottoland Hits the 6 Million Mark!

29 May 2017 - Lottoland welcomes its six millionth member to the fold. In just four years Lottoland has grown exponentially as more people worldwide become Lottolanders.…more

Inspiring and Motivating Films with a Positive Message

20 Inspirational Movies that Can Change Your Life

24 May 2017 - Discover 20 of the most inspirational movies of all time. These motivational films have positive messages about people who have triumphed over adversity.…more

How to Make Yourself Happy

The 21 Step Guide to Happiness

18 May 2017 - This 21 step guide to happiness teaches you the techniques and strategies recommended by experts and scientists, to enable you to enjoy a happier life.…more

Special Features to Enhance your Lottery Betting Experience

Lottery Strategies with Lottoland

15 May 2017 - Special features available exclusively at Lottoland allow you to adapt your lottery strategy. Double Jackpot, Number Shield and Jackpot Hunt at Lottoland.…more

Win Holiday Vouchers Worth £1,500!

WorldMillions Holiday Giveaway

09 May 2017 - Bet on WorldMillions with Lottoland to be entered into a draw to win Holiday Vouchers Worth £1,500! Competition runs until May 28th 2017.…more