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25 January 2016

Who's Richer Bruce Wayne Or Tony Stark?

The Richest Fictional Characters

From cinematic legends to tight Scottish ducks, favourite superheroes to video game vixens, fire-breathing dragons to bottom-spanking CEOs, blood-sucking vampires to hound-releasing sociopaths – this post really does have it all!  

The Richest Fictional Characters

We've created this with data from various sources, including Forbes' famous "Fictional 15" list. Also, you may or may not be surprised to hear that the top dog isn't a dog at all, but rather a Scottish-born misery mallard from the city of Duckburg. 

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The Richest Fictional Characters

1. How rich is Scrooge McDuck? The Ducktales the Movie. £44.1 Billion

Coming from a humble background, Scrooge McDuck's first job was polishing boots. He then moved to the United States and found a golden rock the size of a goose egg. This began his money-making journey which took him all around the world. The combination of great investments and being extremely stingy has put Scrooge McDuck straight to the top of our rich list.

How Scrooge McDuck spends his money:

Not surprisingly, Scrooge McDuck doesn't spend any more of his money than is absolutely necessary. Instead, he keeps most of his fortune in an enormous money bin that overlooks the city of Duckburg.  

2. How rich was Smaug the Dragon? The Hobbit. £42. 4 Billion

The old wyrm Smaug found his fortune by invading Dale and taking over the Dwarves "Lonely Mountain" stronghold which contained all their hordes of gold, gems and other treasures. 

How Smaug spent his money:

Smaug didn't do too much with his new found riches. In fact, all he really did for the next 200 years was sleep on top of it.

3. How rich is Carlisle Cullen? Twilight Series£31.5 Billion 

Carlisle received a generous handout from some Italian friends in the 1960s and by making some savvy investments, combined with the huge rate of interest that comes with being immortal, Carlisle managed to accumulate a significant fortune which would not be attainable by anyone who has to worry about dying.

How Carlisle Cullens spends his money:

Considering the Cullens don't have to pay for any human necessities such as food, drunk or medical bills, they have plenty of extra to spare on nice cars, amazing properties and other things your typical rich vampire might buy.

4. How rich is Tony Stark? Iron Man Series. £8.5 Billion

Tony Stark accumulated his wealth by building on his adopted father's business, Stark Industries, worth approximately £20.3 billion.

How Tony Stark spends his money:

His Iron Man suit alone cost him a staggering $100,010,000! Then there's the enormous house equipped with all sorts of gadgets, the fancy cars and even his own engineering lab.

5. How rich was Charles Foster Kane? Citizen Kane. £7.7 Billion

Charles Foster Kane was originally born into poverty, but his luck changed when his family was given a mine in lieu of payment for a room. It turned out that the mine was filled with gold and Kane was raised in luxury from then on.

How Tony Kane spent his money:

Kane spent a lot of his money buying 'The New York Inquirer' which he eventually was forced to sell due to poor financial management and the effects of the Great Depression. Despite this, he still died with a significant fortune to his name.

6. How rich is Bruce Wayne? Batman. £6.3 Billion

Heir to the Wayne Enterprises fortune (estimated to create $31.3 billion in annual revenue) from the age of 8, Bruce Wayne has spent the majority of his life as a billionaire.

How Bruce Wayne spends his money:

Although his business earns him a fortune, a substantial amount of his earnings goes towards creating his Batman persona, his expansive mansion, gadgets and, of course, his wide variety of cars and other vehicles, including the Batmobile.

7. How rich is RIchie Rich? Richie Rich. £3.9 Billion

Richie Rich was the only child and heir to the billionaire businessman Richard Rich Sr. whose business "Rich Industries" was worth an estimated $163.4 billion.

How Richie Rich spends his money:

He enjoys and abundance of luxuries including an enormous mansion, his very own in-house McDonalds and even Mt. Richmore, a family mountain carved into the shape of his family faces and used to store their great fortune. Richie's ability to buy literally any sort of entertainment for him and his friends makes him the most popular boy around. 

8. How rich is Christian Grey? Fifty Shades of Grey. £1.7 Billion

After receiving $100,000 to start up a business from a friend of his late mother, who has seduced him at age 15, Christian went on to build Grey Enterprises Holding Inc. In the second novel it's claimed that Christian earns $100,000 an hour from this business.

How does Christian Grey spend his money?

Christian's spending largely revolves around more frivolous items such as fancy cars, helicopters and a very impressive apartment/S&M boudoir.

9. How rich was Tywin Lannister? Game of Thrones. £1.2 Billion

Tywin Lannister was the Lord of Casterly Rock and the head of the richest family in the Seven Kingdoms, owning multiple gold mines across Westeros.

How did Tywin spend his money?

Tywin's main expenditure went towards armies, food, wine, castles and of course, always paying his debts.

10. How rich is Mr. Burns? The Simpsons. £1 Billion

Like many others on our fictional rich list, Charles Montgomery Burns was born into a family of poverty and then adopted by a faceless billionaire in his early childhood, After attending Yale University he soon made his own fortune and went on to purchase the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant where his wealth continued to increase.

What does Mr. Burns spend his money on?

At the age of 118 years old, we're going to assume that most of Mr. Burn's money goes towards paying off some pretty extensive medical bills. Also elaborate evil plots like blocking out the sun from overhead Springfield probably cost a pretty penny.

11. How rich is Walden Schmidt? Two and a Half Men. £8.9 Million

Walden Schmidt made his first million dollars by the age of 19 and went on to create and sell his own start-up internet business for $1.3 Billion.

What does Walden Schmidt spend his money on?

A lot of his fortune went towards his Malibu beach house, his ex-wife and his scrounging best friend Alan.

12. How rich is Lara Croft? Tomb Raider. £8.9 Million

Lara Croft was born into a wealthy family and was heir to the family fortune when both her parents had passed away.

How Lara Croft spends her money:

One of only two women to make the list, Lara Croft spends her wealth in the most exciting fashion - travelling the world, seeking adventure and exploring ancient tombs and ruins. 

13. Mr. Monopoly Monopoly Board Game £8.2 Million

Mr. Monopoly, formerly known as Rich Uncle Pennybags, made his fortune by investing in real estate in Atlantic City. Having then invested heavily in houses and hotels located all around the world, all he had to do was sit back, and with a few lucky rolls of the dice, watch his fortune come in at the expense of others.

How Mr. Monopoly spends his money:

Whilst most of his spending will go towards new hotels to build his ever-growing empire, Mr. Monopoly will occasionally have to fork out the odd $10 for a birthday or $100 in doctor's fees, but only if he gets unlucky on a Chance.

14. How rich is Lady Mary Crawley? Downton Abbey £7.5 Million

Lady Mary Crawley was already rich in her own right being the eldest daughter of the Earl of Grantham. She then saw her wealth increase to an even greater extent after inheriting her late husband Matthew Crawley's fortune.

How Lady Mary Crawley spent her money:

Mary spent her fortune on many of the finer things in life; fancy clothes, good food, expensive jewellery and the occasional trip up to London.

15. How rich was Jay Gatsby? The Great Gatsby. £6.8 Million

Jay Gatsby wasn't born wealthy and, at the age of 17, dropped out of college to tour the world by yacht with millionaire Dan Cody. During this time he got a real taste of the good life and there was then no going back for him. He built his fortune through bootlegging at the time of Prohibition in the United States.

How did the Great Gatsby spend his money?

Gatsby spent a lot of his fortune on buying his 22 bedroom mansion in Long Island and throwing many lavish parties to try and impress the one woman he truly loved - Daisy.