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21 June 2016

Our Full Lottery Betting Price List Per Line Bet

How Much Does A Lotto Bet Cost?

Do you see the jackpots first and foremost? Or are you more the type to look at the price tag? We have a huge variety of lottery bets here at Lottoland and, with that, a huge variation of prices. So here's our latest lotto betting pricelist for June 2016.

How Much Does A Lotto Bet Cost?

If you're entering the lottery the old-fashioned way you're missing out. By betting on lotteries at Lottoland you not only get access to all the best lottery games and jackpots from around the world, you can also take advantage of some great bargains!

Now before we go further it should be mentioned that these prices, as with any product or service out there, are subject to change and therefore represent the current pricelist at the time of writing.

It should also be noted that these are the base prices, prices for a basic, single line betting with all other options, bonus games, etc., disabled.

In many cases, however, a particular lottery may have certain bonus features enabled by default to reflect the game design of the official lottery.

For example, the Swedish Lotto, which costs just £1 for a single bet, also has the Plus game enabled by default at Lottoland. This sets the price at £2, but you then have the option to set the radio box to "Only Lotto 1" to only participate in the main draw.

Lottoland Pricelist Per Line Bet Spring 2016  




Mini Lotto


Swedish Lotto


Polish Lotto


Multi Keno


German Keno




Mon & Wed Lotto


Oz Saturday Lotto


Australian PowerBall


Austrian Lotto


Mega Sena


Oz Lotto


El Gordo De La Primitiva


French Lotto


Irish Lotto










Spanish Christmas Lottery


El Niño



*Note: All above prices are subject to change. 

**Note: Tickets for the EuroMillions draw cost £2.50 over the counter, however a lotto bet with Lottoland costs just £2.00!

Of course there's more to lotteries than just jackpots and the cost of a bet – you also need to be looking at the odds. So be sure to also check out our article on which jackpot offers the best lottery odds

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