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22 October 2015

Learn Each 007's Fighting Technique

How To Fight Like James Bond

Want to know how James Bond fights? Here's everything you'll ever need to know about Bond movie fisticuffs, including some of the strangest weapons used. Can you match the weapons to the one liners? (I think he got the point!) 

How To Fight Like James Bond

How To Fight Like James Bond

This infograph was created by going through each minute of all of the Bond movies, from Dr. No to Skyfall (excluding the "unofficial" Eon Productions and Never Say Never Again) , and meticulously counting each punch, kick, judo chop, hip toss, pistol whip, harpoon shot and a wide variety of other more exotic 007 improvised weapons.

We found a few surprising (and unsurprising) facts over the course of our research:

  • Although he was only in 1 Bond film, George Lazenby was on average the punchiest 007, with an amazing 52 violent actions in On Her Majesty's Secret Service although the film was almost 2.5 hours long! 
  • The famous "judo chop" went out of favour in the 1970s - perhaps when people began discovering martial arts and realizing that hitting someone with the side of your hand was not the weapon of mass destruction it was made out to be.  
  • There was a preference for guns in the 1990's. Dalton and Brosnan started shooting more and punching less but this trend seemed to peter off somewhat in the 2000's.
  • After his fists and guns, Bonds favorite improvised weapon turns out to be doors and walls.
  • Sean Connery hit more women per film than any other Bond. We will let you think of that what you will.

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