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02 March 2017

Yet Another Big Win!

Lottoland Player Becomes An Instant Millionaire

Lottoland is delighted to announce that another of our players has won big! Michael from Germany became an instant millionaire, after winning the top prize on one of our scratchcards.

Lottoland Player Becomes An Instant Millionaire

A few weeks ago we were celebrating our El Gordo prize winners, but today it's the turn of one of our scratchcard players. Michael, a 23 year old from Germany took home €1,000,000 after claiming the top prize on our Instant Millionaire scratchcard.

Michael joined Lottoland a few months ago after seeing one of our TV ads, and had been enjoying our wide range of lottos before deciding to mix things up a little with a scratchcard.

Playing on our award winning app, Michael had purchased three different scratchcards, and enjoyed two small wins already. However, it was his third that made him an instant millionaire.

After sharing the good news with his friends and family, Michael travelled to Berlin to meet with some of the Lottoland team and collect his winnings. Bringing his friend (also called Michael) he was treated to a champagne lunch before posing for a photoshoot, and of course the obligatory giant novelty cheque!

Lottoland Player Becomes An Instant Millionaire

We asked Michael what his plans were now he's a millionaire, and were pleasantly surprised by his response, a lot of 23 year olds would be far less mature about their big windfall!

Firstly he plans to help his parents pay off their house, before investing in one of his own. He doesn't have any plans to give up his day job as a car salesman, but he will be investing in a brand new motor.

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Your Chance To Win

It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating our two big El Gordo winners, now it's Michael's turn to enjoy a taste of success.

So you ask, how can I win? How about betting on one of our amazing lotto jackpots? With millions to be won every single day, you won't want to miss out on your chance to bet.

Good luck!


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