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13 November 2015

Some People Have All The Luck

The Lucky And The Not So Lucky

It's now a week since the announcement of the EuroMillions Superdraw and the massive jackpot has rolled over to £91 million. Friday the 13th is an unlucky date for many, but for others it's the day they won the lottery. In this article we look at some hilarious mishaps and compare them with huge Friday 13th lottery wins. 

The Lucky And The Not So Lucky

Lucky: British Couple Defy Double Dose Of Bad Luck

They were meant to get seven years bad luck after the living room mirror came off the wall, smashing into pieces. Instead they got $17 million having bought a lottery ticket on Friday 13th back in 2006.

Not So Lucky: Peter Parker Looses His Spider-Mojo

Looks like our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is going have a lot more than his Spider Sense tingling today.

Lucky: California Teacher Syndicate

Back in 2009 a syndicate of teachers and other school staff won a $76 million on Friday 13th playing the Californian game SuperLotto.

Not So Lucky: Penguin Forgets Ice Is Slippery

We know that penguins are more graceful in water than on land, and, being from Antarctica, they should be used to ice. Looks like this one was more absorbed with trying to strut and impress the ladies than looking where he was going.

Lucky: Canadian Man Can't Believe His Luck

Chris Fowler, from Fort McMurray in Canada, was a long-time lottery player who frequently bought tickets on impulse. So when he bought one at his local store on July 13th 2012 he didn't consider it anything special – until he returned on Sunday to check the numbers.

"At first when I looked at it, there were so many digits, I didn't know what it was" – it was a jackpot of over $21.7 million CAD.

Not So Lucky: Car Curling

A popular pastime (though don't ask me why) in the snowy land of Canada is ice curling. As you might expect from a game where the majority of the action consists of using a sweeping brush, it's not the most exciting of spectacles. So I guess that's why this guy decided to try make it more exciting by using his car instead.

Lucky: Aerospace Engineer's Dreams Take Flight

Kendall Warren from Michigan won $27 million playing MegaMillions back in 2011.  Warren, an aerospace engineer by trade, and in typical engineer fashion, had already done the maths and wasn't too optimistic about his odds. "I thought there was no way I could ever win this… it was a very long shot." Lucky for him he miscalculated. 

Unlucky: What's Black And White And Bruised All Over?

Oh how the mighty have fallen – this poor panda thought he was set, with two pieces of bamboo in each paw to gnaw on he decides to do a little celebratory wiggle dance before taking a tumble.  

Lucky: Lucky Lady Is Young, But Wise

Another winner from Michigan, Kelsey Zachow was only 24 when she won $66 million on MegaMillions.

"Friday the 13th has always been a really lucky day for me", she told the press. "I went home that night and I’m like nothing really good happened – that's weird."

Then she checked her numbers. 

Although young, Kelsey demonstrated wisdom far beyond her years by actually consulting with legal and financial professionals before going to collect her prize.

"I wanted to be smart with it. I've been playing for five years so I kinda had a plan if I ever did win,” she said. "We have our ducks in a row and now we can have fun!"

Not So Lucky: Doggie Plays Fetch – With Expensive Plasma TV

Dogs love to play fetch – for many it's an obsession. It's sort of like sports is for us blokes. 

Watching sports in HD is great, but, as this unlucky chap learned, the extra definition means dogs can see a clear picture too. Only problem is dogs aren't content to follow the action – they're far more likely to want to join in.

Lucky: Single Mother Says Farewell To Money Worries

Back in 2012 one single mother's prayers were answered – on Friday 13th.

"Like many people, money is really tight and I had just increased my hours at work to make ends meet", said Julie Styles from Essex.

Raising two teenagers on her own wasn't easy; "I've had to work hard to keep a roof over our heads. I stopped going out with friends to save money and I’m still paying off my store card from Christmas."

Then she bought a lottery ticket – and won £1.6 million.

As part of our commitment to responsible gaming we would like to remind our players that playing the lottery, or betting on lottery results here at Lottoland, is not the answer to financial difficulty. Rather, the takeaway here, is that life is full of twists and turns - and you never know when your luck will turn with it. 

Not So Lucky: Fat Cat Takes A Fall

He got the distance and the trajectory calculated perfectly. But one crucial element was missing from his equation – weight. 

Friday the 13th Part 14 – Jason Vs. EuroMillions

As you can see, Friday 13th brings both good luck and bad – just like any other day really. Rather than looking at today as something to be worried or apprehensive about you should look at it as an opportunity. Tonight's EuroMillions is worth £91 million – and there's still time to pick your numbers and bet on tonight's draw. Today could well be the luckiest day in your life. But there's only one way to know for sure!