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21 October 2015

Happy Back To The Future Day

It's The Future – Now Where's My Hoverboard?

Great Scott! It's the future! Well, it's the future according to Back To The Future Part Two. Today is the date Doc and Marty travelled forward to from the year 1985. The result is lots of hilarious YouTube videos, but still no Hoverboards.

It's The Future – Now Where's My Hoverboard?

Still, do we really want to live in a 1980s vision of the future? A noir nightmare full of smog, mirror shades and cheesy synthesiser music? Sure we have no Hoverboards but we don't have any Terminators and ED-209s hunting us down either. Plus the closest thing we have so far to Running Man is X-Factor. 

Besides which, hovering vehicles, in retrospect, probably weren't the smartest idea in the world anyway. Aerial roundabouts are a recipe for disaster. And the less said about Mister Fusion the better.

Of course that doesn't mean people aren't trying to emulate the movie, like Nike with the powerlaces, and I'm sure somewhere out there some overzealous nerd is developing a hovering, dog-walking leash drone blissfully unaware of real-life canine behavior. 

As 80s visions of the future went Back To The Future Part Two was quite tame, but still not so inviting. I'd sooner forego self-drying clothes and self-tying laces if it meant no more sub-par Jaws sequels.

And then there's the Cafe 80s, where patrons are accosted by giant robots with holographic faces. Do I really want to be talked at by the likes of Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan when it's time for my morning coffee? No. That much of an 80s nostalgist I am not.

So I'm content to live in the real 2015 then? Well it has its moments, though that's not to say I wouldn't mind making a few changes…

Alternate Timelines

A few months back we asked our Facebook fans to tell us what they'd do if they had access to a time machine. One lady wanted to become Doctor Who, and do battle with Daleks, others expressed a desire to travel back to specific decades, like the funky 70s, the swinging 60s or the roaring 20s.

Others, meanwhile, were less adventure focussed. After all, the greatest gift a time machine can bestow is the gift of limitless time – and the chance to relive those perfect moments with those you love. Time machines, therefore, like lotteries, have the power to make dreams come through.

And here's the date you want to input into your flux capacitor; November 6th, 2015 – the date of the next EuroMillions Superdraw.

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads.

I'll admit that, by 1985, I already had my own personal time machine plan since, mostly involving prehistoric adventures, but I've since added to it over the years as I've "matured".

Once I've had my fill of dinosaurs and mammoth barbecues, not to mention Roman toga parties, Cotton Club cocktails, Woodstock free love, 70s punk, 80s excess and 90s Amnesia I'd start to work on my retirement plan.

Just a couple of patents I've been working on, y'know, a website on that newfangled internet thing that helps you find other websites, another one that connects you with your friends - oh and this new type of cellphone with a touchscreen instead of buttons…

Those three would be enough, I mean I'm not greedy or anything. Although that still sounds like a lot of work now that I think about it. So maybe I'll just pull a Biff Tannen, but instead of Gray's Sports Almanac I'll go for the biggest bets of all – with decades worth of EuroMillions, PowerBall and MegaMillions results freely available here at Lottoland!

The Future Is What You Make It

Right here, right now, in the real 2015, there are no time machines. So the past remains the past with no way to change it, only your perspective and how you choose to remember it. The future, on the other hand, is yours, yours to own and yours to change – quite dramatically if you want to – for the price of a lottery bet.

With no hovering cars we still need roads, but on the Road To The Special Jackpot there's lots of ways to win. Check out our new Golden Ticket promotion for your chance to win 100 Quickpicks for the upcoming November 6th Superdraw. Place two EuroMillions bets before October 27th to enter the raffle for the equivalent of £200 worth of lottery tickets for just £4!