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21 December 2016

New Year's Eve's Biggest Jackpot

Mega 2017

Not sure what to do this New Year's Eve? We have one event that you won't want to miss – our incredible £100 million Mega 2017 jackpot! With amazing odds and a huge prize to be won, it's the perfect way to start the New Year.

Mega 2017

Based on Brazil's famous Mega Da Virada draw, we've created our very own set of prizes, complete with a massive £100 million jackpot. Drawing at 10pm on December 31st, you could be a multi-millionaire by the time the clock strikes midnight!

How To Bet On Mega 2017

The Mega 2017 draw couldn't be easier to bet on, simply select six numbers between 1 and 60 and you're ready to go. Alternatively, you can let luck decide, and opt for a QuickPick – just click the "Quick +1" option on our Betslip page.

Each bet costs £5, giving you one shot at that exclusive £100 million prize.

What Can I Win?

Prize Tier

How To Win

Odds Of Winning


Match all 6 numbers

1 in 50,063,860


Match 5 numbers

1 in 154,518


Match 4 numbers

1 in 2,332


How does Mega 2017 compare to some of our most popular jackpots?


Jackpot Odds

Prize Money

Mega 2017

1 in 50,063,860

£100 million


1 in 139,838,160

£50 million*

El Gordo

1 in 100,000

£4 million**

El Niño

1 in 100,000

£2 million**


*this jackpot is exclusive to Lottoland and may change throughout the festive period

**approximate figure

With great odds and a huge potential prize, Mega 2017 is a great lotto to bet on this winter.

End 2016 With A Bang!

Add even more excitement to your New Year’s Eve celebrations by taking part in this one-off event. It could be the party to end all parties!

Head over to our Mega 2017 page to start betting


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