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14 December 2016

The Best Festive Adverts Around? We Think So!

Spanish Christmas Lottery Ads

Christmas adverts are all the rage these days, with many major brands attempting to top the yearly John Lewis offering. This craze has become so big, dedicated amateurs are even making their very own. What you might not have realised is that this tradition isn't unique to us in the UK, and Spain has been enjoying their very own tear-jerking Christmas ads, courtesy of the Spanish Christmas Lottery. We've compiled some of the very best, see how they compare to ours!

Spanish Christmas Lottery Ads

Not a Spanish speaker? Have no fear, you don't need to be in order to enjoy these adverts. 

2016 - The Story Of Carmina

The advert starts with a grandmother, Carmina, believing she has won the El Gordo jackpot after mistaking a re-run of last year's results with the latest draw.

Her family, not wishing to crush her dreams, go along with it as she gathers the town to celebrate - and even stage a fake TV interview. Her son eventually decides to tell her the truth, but she stops him, and hands over her ticket for the next day's draw as they embrace. After all, what is Christmas if it's not about sharing?

2015 - Justino

Last year's advert may be my favourite of them all. It's not easy to make a genuinely emotive advert, but the creators of this one did a fine job. 

The ad tells the story of Justino, a security guard in a warehouse who spends his night shift alone with just mannequins for company. 

The day workers have clubbed together to buy a share of an El Gordo ticket, which turns out to be a winner. Justino thinks he has missed out, only to be confronted by his co-workers, who present him with the ticket they purchased for him. The advert ends with Justino and his colleagues celebrating their good fortune together. 

Top that John Lewis.

2014 - Antonio And Manu

While a town celebrates winning El Gordo one man excludes himself from the celebrations, having been unable to buy a ticket. Forlornly he sits amongst the revellers and asks his friend, the local cafe owner, for a coffee.

He quickly asks for the bill, which comes to €21. Surprised, he asked why it's so expensive, only for his friend to smile and explain that it was €1 for the coffee, and €20 for something in a mysterious envelope, which he slides across the table to him.

Of course it's a winning ticket. 

Make Your Own El Gordo Story

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Merry Christmas to you all and best of luck!


The lottery is so much more than a weekly draw, behind every game is a wealth of amazing stories and fascinating facts, and that's why I love it.