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08 December 2015

Cartoon Time: Famous People Meet Santa Claus

What Would You Like For Christmas?

So, what do YOU? Want for Christmas? Everyone wishes they could sit on Santas lap and have their dreams come true, no matter how rich and famous!


Trouble in Paradise? Looks like a frosty Christmas ahead for Ant and Dec!

What Would You Like For Christmas?

Turn on the TV at any time of day or night and flick through the channels - there's a 50% chance you'll find a panel show with Sue Perkins on it. But will you be laughing? 

Sue Perkins meets Santa Claus

Has Katie Hopkins been a good year this year? What do you think? 

Katie Hopkins meets Santa Claus


A bigger loudmouth than Katie, is there such a thing? Surely Jezza fits the bill, but don't let him get hungry, you won't like him when he's hungry.  

Jeremy Clarkson meets Santa Claus

Clarkson has often been called a sexist pig, whereas David Cameron, well, he's apparently had... [Ok, that'll do, Niall, that'll do - The Editor.]

David Cameron and Santa Claus

Make A Christmas Wish!

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