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19 April 2016

The Biggest UK Winners

Winning Scratchcards

For most people a scratchcard win is an extra tenner here, or a couple of hundred if they're lucky. But what about the players who have walked away with insane sums of money from their lucky pick? We've compiled a list of the biggest one time winners in UK history.

Winning Scratchcards

Grace Walker (£1 Million)

Grace Walker, a housewife from Lanarkshire in Scotland, has one of the biggest scratchcard wins ever. Walker's lucky scratchcard was chosen based on its colour, pink, which is her favourite. Despite the huge windfall she declared that this isn't the end of her scratchcard purchases, "I won’t stop buying scratchcards, though."

Despite her new found millionaire status, Grace and her husband William have vowed to stay in their council house, which has been their home for over 30 years.

Jackie Murphy (£1 Million)

Bride-to-be Jackie Murphy stopped off to pick up a scratchcard at the end of a long day at work. After discovering her win, she dashed back into the shop to verify it, before becoming a bit weak in the knees and having to be helped into a chair. While the shopkeeper called the lottery officials, she rang her partner of 10 years to pass on the good news.

The two plan to use the prize money to pay for their wedding, which had been their focus before the big win. 

Despite their sudden change in fortunes they plan to carry on with the economical union they had been planning (her dress being bought in a sale and their shoes coming from Tesco), the only change being a free bar for friends and family. 

Lewis Rider (£1 Million)

Bartender Lewis Rider's win ensured he'd swap pulling pints to popping champagne corks, when he banked a million off a scratch card.

The lucky ticket was bought on a whim, after Rider had gone out to buy food for his dog Marley. After this win he announced plans to invest in property and have a family holiday to Lanzarote.

Since his big win, Rider has been in the headlines again. He was recently removed from an auction where he had just snapped up £20,000 worth of Arnold Schwarzenegger memorabilia from movies such as Terminator 2. He'd been promised a moment with the legendary movie star, but became enraged when he was declared too drunk for a face to face.

Susan Richards (£3 Million)

After a gruelling 12 hour shift as a carer, Susan Richards toyed with the idea of going home straight after work, instead of tackling the weekly shop. Luckily for her she followed through, because during that trip to the supermarket she picked up a £3 million winning scratchcard.

The card itself she had bought on the spur of the moment, as she had the exact change in her pocket and took this as a sign. After asking to see the manager, who confirmed the ticket was not just genuine, but worth several million pounds, she called lottery officials before dialling up the family.

One of her first purchases will be a family holiday to America, in memory of her late father who had always talked of winning the lottery and taking everyone to the States.

Mystery Multi-Millionaires

An unnamed man from Burnley became the UK's biggest scratchcard winner in 2014 when he claimed £4 million from a £10 lottery card.

Mohammed Ikramm, the shopkeeper who sold the ticket, said that the man is a regular but that he would not reveal the identity of the lucky winner. He did however describe the moment when his customer won.

The mystery millionaire had already purchased one unsuccessful ticket, before taking his last £20 note out and asking for two more. The first was equally unsuccessful, while the 3rd made him a multi-millionaire.

That's not all, there was another identical win in Poole, where an anonymous man collected £4 million from a £10 ticket.

Both players beat odds of 4 million to 1 to claim their prizes. 

Ross Hearst (£4 Million)

Nothing starts the new year off like a huge windfall, and that is exactly what road worker Ross Hearst got at the beginning of 2016.

Although he wasn't a regular scratchcard player, he'd had a modest win on one before which inspired him to play again.

In a state of shock, he called up to confirm his ticket before phoning his wife Jocelyn. After no less than 22 attempts to get through to her he was finally able to break the good news, although not before she hung up on him, thinking Ross was just winding her up.

With their first baby on the way the win came at the perfect time for the couple, who were adamant it would not change them (too much). While Ross has his heart set on a new car, Jocelyn has her eye on a new Dyson vaccuum cleaner.

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The lottery is so much more than a weekly draw, behind every game is a wealth of amazing stories and fascinating facts, and that's why I love it.